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We aim to give the children a good understanding of Christianity and the Christian faith. Through our ‘Questful RE’ Curriculum, the children are encouraged to ask questions in order to support their learning, children are supported to reflect upon, develop and affirm their beliefs, values and attitudes through the exploration of shared human experiences and of the place and importance of Christianity in the modern world. Children are also encouraged to think about, discuss and develop an understanding of other faiths as comparisons naturally arise within the Christianity Units of work.

The children will also be encouraged to develop their sense of self-esteem, respect, understanding and tolerance so that they may become positive members of the community.


Knowledge Organisers

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

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Year 5

Year 6

Worship in School

The children are strongly encouraged to take part in daily worship, as it is a central part of our school day. Parents are invited to attend collective worship when it is the turn of their child’s class to plan and worship and present material drawn from the work they have been doing. The worship and religious education provided by the school is in accordance with the Church of England Foundation. The foundation is also reflected in the curriculum and the whole life of the school community . Parents do have the legal right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship and Religious Education, but since the conduct of the school as a whole reflects the Christian ethos, removal of pupils from worship and/or Religious Education cannot insulate pupils from the religious life of the school.

Our Prayer Garden

Our prayer garden is a quiet space where we can sit, chat quietly, reflect or read, especially in the warmer months of the year. 


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