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Wellbeing Award for Schools 

We have been awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS).  The Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS) focuses on the metal health and wellbeing for pupils, parents and staff. We are committed to ensuring our whole school community keeps mental health and wellbeing as a high priority; knowing how to recognise signs and where to go to access support

You can read the full report below:

Growth Mindset

At Huyton with Roby, we are really encouraging children, staff and parents to build a growth mindset. We all have beliefs about our own abilities and potential. These beliefs are part of our mindset, which is so powerful. It can fuel our behaviour and predict our success.

A Growth Mindset occurs when we believe our intelligence and abilities can be improved with effort and the right strategies.

A Growth Mindset is believing in the power of yourself and your brain!

Does having a Growth Mindset help?

When applying Growth Mindset in the classroom, various researchers found that it was linked to students:

  • Seeking out better feedback and persisting for longer;
  • Coping better with transitions and developing better self-regulation;
  • Experiencing lower levels of stress and aggression as well as increased well-being and emotional functioning;
  • Experiencing improved self-esteem, learning orientation and reduced helplessness;
  • Developing grit and pro-social behaviours.

Check out these Growth Mindset videos for some important messages:

Making Mistakes

At Huyton with Roby, we encourage children to make mistakes. Making mistakes is a vital part of learning because it means that you are using the most powerful muscle you have: your brain!

Look at some of these well-known inventions that were actually made by mistake!

What can you do to help?

Mental Health Awareness

Click on the link below to find resources on how to improve mental health and well-being for your family and yourself.

Who should I contact?

Your first port of call would always be your child’s class teacher. You can also talk to one of our wellbeing warriors who can be contacted via the main school email. 

Helpful Resources

Useful websites

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