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Change Team

Our Change Team is important to us at Huyton with Roby. Our aim is to work collaboratively to create positive changes across our school; working together to ensure we can be the best school possible.

The Change Team operates as a whole-school community and hopes to:

  • Listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more amazing place.
  • Develop confidence and responsibility
  • Make children feel safe and happy in their learning environment
  • Develop good relationships and respect the differences between people
  • Have a ‘voice’ and share their opinions and ideas with others in a respectful way

Our Change Team is made up of the following members; Worship Committee, Head Boy and Head Girl, Team Captains, Eco and Wellbeing Warriors. Each member has been voted for in their year groups from a range of nominees. The Change Team meets as a whole group each half term to discuss larger school events and the smaller teams meet more regularly. We have some teacher representatives who help facilitate meetings.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee lead all junior church services and help prepare the hall for Collective Worship every day. They play an important role in promoting the ethos of the school and ensure the school’s values are promoted each half term. The committee are proud to show visitors around our wonderful school.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Their job is to be positive role models for all children and Prefects. They are part of the Attendance Team where they monitor class attendance and encourage the children to be responsible for their own attendance. They are present on Parents’ Evenings and School Open Evenings for discussions with parents and pupils and they will also help show visitors around our school.

Team Captains

The school is divided into four teams; Shamrocks, Thistles, Daffodils and Roses. The Team Captains enthuse and encourage their team members during Celebration Assembly to earn points for their teams. They are responsible for counting up team points each week which they share during assembly time. Team Captains are also in charge of monitoring play equipment during playtimes and lunchtimes.

Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are responsible for ensuring the whole school are monitoring their recycling and energy usage, always looking for ways to reduce the school’s environmental impact.  

Wellbeing Warriors

The Wellbeing Warriors believe that the wellbeing of every person in the school is fundamental to their happiness and good mental health. They meet on a regular basis and discuss any changes they want to implement to promote a positive environment around our school.

Our Change Team should give pupils the experience of:

  • Planning, organising and monitoring small projects
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Debating skills
  • Mediation and negotiating skills
  • Basic budgeting and managing money

It aims to prepare our pupils for citizenship by teaching them about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school system.

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