At Huyton with Roby we follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics.  We aim to develop the three strands of the Curriculum: fluency, problem solving and reasoning.

Our aims are:

  • To develop within their capability the mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding required for an ever changing world.
  • To foster a positive interest, enjoyment and confidence in Maths.
  • To discover the integration, relationships and patterns between Maths and many other areas of the curriculum.
  • To see the relationship of Maths within the whole environment and to tackle practical problems in everyday life.
  • To calculate quickly and accurately, make and test generalisations and simple hypotheses and the ability to estimate accurately.
  • To express ideas fluently in spoken and written form.
  • To work logically and methodically and acquire the skill of being self critical.
  • To be flexible and creative in approaching mathematical situations.
  • To develop independence of thought, and motivation and the ability to co-operate with others in group situations.

Throughout the school children are taught as full class, smaller groups or may be taught individually, according to their needs.



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