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Committee Membership Role and Responsibilities

Resources and Business Planning


Chair – Elisabeth Harris Nugent
Vice – Clare Oldham
Paula Stevenson
David Bradbury
Peter Stanley
In attendance – DHT
  • Finance
  • Buildings
  • Health and Safety
  • Monitoring of linked SDP priorities
  • Related strategic policies: Financial Procedures, SFVS, H&S, Admissions, Charging.
Lead Governor: Pupil Premium and CLA – David Bradbury, Health and Safety – Joe Stone

Spiritual, Safeguarding and Inclusion

Chair – Val Boyes
Vice – John Stanley
Clare Oldham

Georgina Carr
In attendance – DHT

  • CLA
  • SEND
  • Behaviour and Safety
  • School Council
  • Monitoring of linked SDP priorities
  • Monitoring of SCR
  • Related strategic policies: Safeguarding and Child Protection, Allegations, Behaviour, Sex Education, Collective Worship, SEND.
Lead Governor: Collective Worship and RE – John Stanley, Safeguarding and Child Protection – Clare Oldham, SEND – Val Boyes

Standards and Quality


Chair – Paula Stevenson
Vice – Joe Stone
Val Boyes
David Bradbury

Georgina Carr
In attendance – DHT
Associate – David Woods

  • Curriculum
  • Standards
  • Assessment
  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Monitoring of linked SDP priorities
  • Related strategic policies: Assessment, Curriculum, EYFS.
Lead Governor: Curriculum – Elisabeth Harris Nugent, Assessment without levels – Paula Stevenson.

Pay and Performance

Chairs of the other three committees.
HR specialist – Clare Oldham
  • HT Performance Management
  • Staff Appraisal
  • Pay awards
  • Related strategic policies: Pay and Performance, Performance Management including Appraisal, Capability, Disciplinary and Grievance, Accessibility and Equalities, Anti racial, Gender, Disability policy, Complaints.
Lead Governor: Quality of Teaching and Learning – Paula Stevenson

Appeals Panel

Three governors as available.
  • Complaints appeals
  • Pay appeals
  • Admissions appeals